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Issue 01 | 2022

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Issue 01



Welcome & Introduction

Welcome to our very first issue of Pharma Focus Europe On our tryst with this commendable milestone I take the opportunity to thank one and all from my editorial team my distinguished advisory board members and all the subject matter experts who have contributed with their articles


Model-Informed Drug Development (MIDD) - EMA's Advancement

MS is used in all phases of drug development in the EU US and UK starting from preclinical pharmacokinetic PK and pharmacokineticpharmacodynamics PKPD studies through clinical trials to postmarketing commitments

Research & Development

HYBRID EXOSOMES: A Novel Platform for Cancer Therapy

Effective celltocell communication is essential for normal physiological homeostasis in multicellular organisms like humans

Effective Biomarkers in Uncovering Novel Target Molecules for a Drug

The Revolution in New Drug Targets

Biological markers or the more commonly used term Biomarkers was first heard of in the s In the coming years this term gained unprecedented popularity as myriad studies were carried out regarding the efficacy of biomarkers in the drug discovery and development process as well as in the medical diagnosis of diseases

c-MET Receptor Tyrosine Kinase: A Potential Biomarker for Cancer Therapeutics

CMET is a tyrosine kinase receptor in the MET family Normally it is expressed on the surfaces of several epithelial cells HGFSF is a common ligand of cMET receptors Cooper et al were the first to identify the MET oncogene in

New Pharmacological Targets and Biomarkers for the Treatment of Tuberculosis (TB)

Mycobacterium tuberculosis MTB which has harmed people for more than decades is the cause of the chronic lung infectious disease known as pulmonary tuberculosis TB

Clinical Trials


Wearable sensors have the potential to transform healthcare In many instances wearable sensors can pick up signs that a person is getting sick before even they realize it

Decentralising Clinical Trials for Better Drug Formulations

Achieving Patient Data Integrity & Fulfilling Diverse Pharma Needs

The pandemic significantly accelerated the decentralisation of clinical trials and saw more data being captured offsite remotely from participants in real world settings


Additive Manufacturing as a Problem-Solving Tool in Pharmaceutical Processing

A hybrid raxial mixing impeller is designed and implemented to resolve dispersion mixing issues in a pharmaceutical application

At the core of the transition to Industry is the drive toward robust reliable and comprehensive process automation

3D Printing: What's in Store for Medicine in the Future

D printing technology also known as additive manufacturing is a digitallycontrolled technique of fabricating a product by layerwise addition of the feed material to generate complex geometric structures

Cold-Chain Considerations for Manufacturing today’s Advanced Biologics

Cold Chain Integrity and Capabilities

The biopharmaceutical industrys reliance on the technical experience and manufacturing capacity of contract pharma continues to grow as demand for all biologic drugs surges around the world

Information Technology


The application of data science in the pharmaceutical industry has farreaching consequences for individuals considering a degree in this discipline Important statistical data acquired from several sources is regularly used by the pharmaceutical sector

Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Nanosafety

Nanomaterials have been one of the most exciting scientific and technical innovations of the past few decades Due to their very high surface to volume ratios they exhibit properties that can differ dramatically from those for the same material in bulk

Expert Talk


Endpoint clinical provides technology solutions to the pharmaceutical sector predominantly focused on randomization and trial supply management IRT