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Welcome & Introduction

N D Vijaya Lakshmi, Editor, Pharma Focus Europe

Welcome to our very first issue of Pharma Focus Europe 2022. On our tryst with this commendable milestone, I take the opportunity to thank one and all from my editorial team, my distinguished advisory board members and all the subject matter experts who have contributed with their articles.

This is truly a feather on our hats, a highly coveted Europe-centric pharma magazine adding to the list of our premium pharmaceutical publications.

With this newest issue we aspire to be a leading industry publication serving Pharmaceutical professionals with unparalleled quality, facts, data analysis and expert advises - covering trends, advancements, and all the criticalities which the industry faces from time to time.

Smarter Technology and Refined Project Management Techniques –For Tomorrow’s Clinical Trials and Rapid Drug Development

From the emergence of newer techniques and tools for effective decentralised clinical trials to the use of 3D p rinting technology in medicine manufacturing and the industry’s subsequent shift towards 4D printing – we have a lot to narrate, share insight and unravel.

Modelling & Simulation (M&S) is used in all phases of drug development, Eva Gil Berglund and Justin Hay from Certara explain how using physiologically based PK (PBPK) and population PK (PopPK) approaches in parallel for model-informed drug development (MIDD) is proving especially valuable.

Biomarkers role in rapid drug discovery by aiding in analysing the pharmacodynamics of a specific drug and how exosomes are being considered as an indispensable part of biomarkers discovery -Ashish Wadhwani & Salvi Wahidna, JSSAHERM takes us through the journey on how identifying effective biomarkers can aid in industry shift from “one drug fits all” to personalised approach.

Manash k Paul, UCLA takes his investigation further on hybrid exosomes for Cancer therapy. Extracellular vesicles (EV), EV-liposome hybrids are a novel nanocarrier platform that can solve the existing limitation of EVs as effective drug delivery system given their repeatable loading with therapeutic or imaging agents.

Geoffrey Gill from Shimmer, Americas presents his market acceptance and challenges research on wearables and other sensor based devices in conducting decentralised clinical trials. Wearables can measure digital endpoints and can provide continuous documentation of a patient’s progress during the trial. But, it would be better for deeper penetration of the wearables usage that the industry as a whole focus on standardised clinical end-points, use open-source algorithms and share raw data for optimal leverage.

Medical applications of nanomaterials span drug, protein and vaccine delivery, diagnostics, theranostics. David Winkler, explains that there is a need for a safe-by-design paradigm for nanomaterials, and machine learning is increasingly used to predict their properties.

If you have any views or ideas or if you want to share your feedback with Pharma Focus Europe, you are more than welcome. You may also connect with us on our social media handles for exquisite stories, articles and much more pertaining to pharma sector.

--Issue 01--

Author Bio

N D Vijaya Lakshmi

N D Vijaya Lakshmi, Editor, Pharma Focus Europe

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