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Strategic Partnerships in Biotech

Catalysts for Accelerated Innovation

Biotechnology an industry at the forefront of scientific innovation and transformative healthcare solutions

Why are Generic Pharmaceutical Manufactures Leaving the USA?

In recent years the United States has witnessed a remarkable phenomenon in the pharmaceutical industry

Research & Development

unlock lab efficiencies and decision-making through a digital-first approach to lab transformation

Recent industry pressures brought on by the global COVID pandemic provided critical lessons for the life sciences industry

Using AI to Accelerate Drug Discovery

Quantitative systems pharmacology QSP combines computational modeling and experimental data to examine the relationships between a drug

Clinical Trials

Bringing New Treatments to Patients with Rare Diseases

Designing and Conducting Effective Gene Therapy Trials

Today there are more than known rare diseases defined by the European Union as conditions that affect less than in people

Addressing the Unmet Needs in Respiratory Disease Treatment with Inhaled mRNA Medicines

Advancements in medical science have continually pushed the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare


Emerging role of Mass Spectrometry in Biologics Development

After a lead protein design is selected for clinical trials biologics manufacturing also known as chemistry manufacturing and control

Advanced Pharmaceutical Continuous Manufacturing of Liquid Dosage Forms

Continuous manufacturing methods have been extensively demonstrated to have a significant impact on improving quality

Safeguarding Sterility

Crucial Insights from 2023 Pharmaceutical Facility Audits

The sterile pharmaceutical market is expected to expand significantly in the coming years due to the increasing demand for biological drugs

Genomic Medicine Keeps Innovating and Manufacturing Needs to Keep Pace

Genomic medicine the therapeutic use of cells and genetic materials is at the center of a medical revolution

Expert Talk

AI-Driven Patient Recruitment

With more clinical trials getting decentralized and the adoption of AIML witnessing an upward trend

Innovations in Pharmaceutical R&D: Navigating the Future

Datadriven decisionmaking is becoming mainstream in various stages of drug development and is transforming the drug development lifecycle

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