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Issue 02 | 2023

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Issue 02



Welcome & Introduction

We are thrilled to announce the release of the nd Edition of Pharma Focus Europe magazine

Research & Development

Rare Diseases Medicine: Advantages, Challenges, and Future Developments

The challenges associated with rare diseases are numerous and multifaceted

The Future of Integration of Targeted Therapy with Genomics in Personalized Medicine

One in five people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer

Clinical Trials

Pooling: An Untapped Clinical Supply Chain Strategy

One of the most challenging responsibilities a Clinical Supply Chain Manager has is to determine a reliable supply forecast that stands up to the complexities of the clinical trial design and the various scenarios that can occur during trial conduct

Clinical Trial Project Management Practices Review

The practices associated with project management of clinical trials is crucial to the success of that trial As the primary point of contact between the sponsor study team and regulatory authorities the project manager is responsible for ensuring that the study is conducted in compliance with all relevant guidelines and regulations

Blood to Plasma Ratio: An Important Determinant of the Pharmacokinetic Behavior of Drugs

The bloodtoplasma ratio BP ratio or Rb is an important parameter in pharmacokinetics PK that reflects the distribution of a drug between red blood cells RBCs and plasma

Future of Clinical Trials and Technology Innovations

Clinical trials are an essential part of the development of new medical treatments and procedures and they help to ensure that new interventions are safe and effective for patients above all

Digital Biomarkers in Neuroscience – Benefits for Clinical Development, Physicians, and Patients

Disorders of the CNS which include a wide range of psychiatric and neurological conditions such as Alzheimers disease schizophrenia and depression have a profound impact on individuals and their families


Biopharmaceutical Supply Chain

The biopharmaceutical industry is a highly regulated and complex industry where the timely and safe delivery of lifesaving treatments to patients is of utmost importance

Pharma 4.0: Advanced Continuous Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing

Currently Industry concepts are being applied to the pharmaceutical industry to achieve Pharma paradigm

Information Technology

The Potential of Automation and AI/ML in Causality Assessment for Safety Vigilance

Causality assessment is a crucial process in safety vigilance that involves determining the relationship between a drug and an adverse event or reaction

Digipharma – A New Era of Disruption and Transformation

Digital transformation in the pharma industry involves the use of technology to streamline operations enhance patient engagement and improve the efficiency of clinical trials

The Tsunami of Big Data for Pharma: Sink or Swim?

The concepts of Big Data and Big Data Analytics have been around for some time but it has only been since the late s with the confluence of genomic and transcriptomic data along with increased use of EHRs and access to claims data that Big Data has arrived at the shores of pharma and healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Drug Manufacturing and Drug Discovery

In drug discovery AI is being used to predict the efficacy and safety of potential drug candidates identify new therapeutic targets and optimize clinical trial designs

Expert Talk

Advances in Cancer Therapeutics

Developing and selling cancer drugs is a tough challenge due to the high costs involved in drug development and clinical trials

Impact of Covid-19 on Pharmaceutical Industry

The COVID pandemic was a great booster for the pharma industrys innovation pipeline

Vaccine Development and Manufacturing

MRNA vaccines work by introducing a small piece of genetic material called messenger RNA mRNA into the body

Emerging Trends and Strategic Insights in the Pharmaceutical Industry

“A Pharma Focus Europe's initiative fostering exclusive and open discussion on industry trends”

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I welcome you all to the latest panel discussion on Topic Emerging Trends and Strategic Insights in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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