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N D Vijaya Lakshmi, Editor, Pharma Focus Europe

We are thrilled to announce the release of the 2nd Edition of Pharma Focus Europe magazine 2023! It is equally a remarkable achievement as it fills us with pride and a sense of responsibility. I take this opportunity to mark the exceptional dedication, expertise, and collaborative efforts of my proficient team, advisory board panel, and our esteemed authors. Their synergy has collectively rendered top-quality industry literature that caters well to our readers and seekers.

In this edition, we bring to you a wide scope of knowledge base from industry experts ranging from Clinical trials, Data Management, Pharma Discovery & Development and much more. Our 2nd Edition also marks the beginning of two new sections – Industry Sense & Through the hourglass, aiming to bring the industry experts much more close to our readers with their POVs & insights.

A collection of carefully blended noteworthy topics are mentioned below for your quick reference and introduction.

Josipa Ljubicic, QA Director, Principal GCP and GVP auditor, Proqlea sheds insights on Clinical Trials & Innovations - Clinical trials are moving towards greater technology adoption for enhanced processes. Advanced tools, patient-focused approaches, and collaborative trial design will redefine the future of clinical trials with innovation and improved data analysis.

Shamal Fernando, Managing Director, Slim pharma brings to us Artificial Intelligence in Drug Manufacturing and Drug Discovery - AI's integration in the pharmaceutical industry has transformed drug discovery, design, and manufacturing. It has revolutionized the pharmaceutical landscape with ground-breaking approaches that were once unimaginable.

Svetoslav Valentinov Tsenov, Chair of the Board of Directors, ARPharM shares his expert advice on Digipharma aka Digital Transformation. Digital transformation has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry, enhancing operational efficiency in areas like clinical trials and patient engagement. Using AI, machine learning, data analytics and cloud computing companies can intelligently manage resources and adopt innovative approaches.

Michael N. Liebman, PhD, Managing Director, IPQ Analytics systematically introduces various software products and technologies that are redefining the pharmaceutical industry globally. Computers drive pharmaceutical development, analysing biology, screening compounds, and optimizing drug development. Applications like CTMS, CDMS, pharmacovigilance systems, and EDCT are heavily used in data management & analysis.

Hassan Mostafa Mohamed, Chairman & CEO, ReyadaPro speaks on Biopharmaceutical Supply Chain - Supply chain updates are crucial for bio-pharmaceutical companies to deliver safe and timely treatments worldwide. Strategies like cold chain management, serialization, and AI integration optimize efficiency and patient care.

Sheryl Caswell, HOD, Monument Therapeutics brings forth the Application of Digital Biomarkers in Neuroscience. Digital biomarkers offer the potential to customize treatment decisions, deliver more objective measures of disease activity and response to treatment, accelerate clinical trials, and optimize patient outcomes.

I hope you enjoy this latest edition of Pharma Focus Europe as much as we did producing it. If you'd like to contribute an article or interview to be featured in our next issue, you can reach me via email: [email protected]

The input, ideas, and feedback of our audience are driving force for us. We invite you to share your thoughts and connect with us on social media to stay informed and engaged with the Pharma industry.

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N D Vijaya Lakshmi

N D Vijaya Lakshmi, Editor, Pharma Focus Europe

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