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Amgen Invests US$1 billion to Open New Manufacturing Site in US


Amgen with an investment of US$1 billion plans to open new manufacturing site. It will be the second manufacturing plant located in US.


The new manufacturing facility is designed with most advanced technologies to support the production of medicines.

Together with previously announced plans to build a new packaging plant, the company invests an additional US$1billion in manufacturing capacity to boost the increasing growth of medicines.

The new plantallows flexibility for multiple pipeline products in one plant focusing on both traditional stainless steel-fed batch manufacturing and next-generation single-use technologies.

The construction of the new plant is expected to begin in December 2021, and complete by late 2024.

The new facility is expected to generate a total of 355 full-time jobs including technicians, engineers, quality, management and administrative roles by the end of 2029.


TypeNew manufacturing Facility
BudgetUS$1 Billion
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