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Virax Biolabs Group Limited Has Entered into an Agreement for the Distribution of Marburg Virus PCR Testing Kits

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Virax Biolabs Group Limited, an innovative biotech company focused on the detection of immune responses to and diagnosis of viral diseases, announced today that it has entered into an agreement for the distribution of Marburg Virus PCR testing kits.

The Marburg Virus Real Time PCR Kit is an in-vitro diagnostic test, based on real-time PCR technology, for the detection of ribonucleic acid (better known as RNA) from the Marburg Virus. The Company intends to launch the kit into areas accepting a CE mark.

Virax's Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, James Foster commented, "We are committed to developing and distributing innovative diagnostic tools to combat infectious diseases. Our Marburg Virus PCR testing kit is a significant step forward in our mission to improve global health."

The Marburg Virus Disease is a highly virulent disease which causes hemorrhagic fever and requires assessment under the International Health Regulations by the World Health Organization. Given the severity of the disease, the use of accurate and reliable test kits is critical to ensure the best possible outcomes for individuals affected by the disease, as well as for safeguarding public health more broadly.



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