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VaxEquity and CPI Secure Innovate UK Grant to Accelerate Advancements in Next-Generation RNA Vaccines and Therapeutics

Monday, June 05, 2023

VaxEquity and CPI have received a grant of approximately £700K from Innovate UK to collaborate on a project focused on enhancing the manufacturing process for RNA vaccines and therapeutics. Their goal is to optimize the scalability of self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) production and accelerate the development of a candidate influenza vaccine for clinical trials.

In England, influenza causes thousands of deaths and hospitalizations annually, making it a significant health concern. The partnership between VaxEquity and CPI aims to address this issue by creating a novel saRNA influenza vaccine. By leveraging their expertise and the grant funding, the collaborators intend to establish an optimized manufacturing process for saRNA that will have wide-ranging implications for future vaccine and therapeutic development.

Dr. Tim Sparey, Managing Director at VaxEquity, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration and emphasized the untapped potential of nucleic acids in vaccines and therapeutics. He highlighted the importance of scaling up the manufacturing process and the combined capabilities of VaxEquity and CPI in combating the flu. The collaborative effort will focus on identifying, implementing, and safeguarding an optimized saRNA manufacturing process, opening up possibilities for the production of numerous vaccines and therapeutics on a global scale.

Brendan Fish, Director of Biologics & RNA Centre of Excellence at CPI, shared his excitement about partnering with VaxEquity to fulfill the promise of global RNA vaccines following the pandemic. The collaboration will harness the capabilities of CPI's RNA Centre of Excellence to identify critical factors in saRNA manufacturing, streamlining and expediting the saRNA transcription process in batch production. This innovative work aims to establish a more efficient approach to producing future saRNA vaccines.

In summary, the collaboration between VaxEquity, CPI, and Innovate UK represents a significant advancement in the manufacturing process for RNA vaccines and therapeutics. By addressing manufacturing challenges and optimizing saRNA production, the project aims to accelerate the development of a potent saRNA influenza vaccine and pave the way for the creation of effective vaccines against various diseases, ultimately benefiting public health worldwide.

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