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Tetra Pharm Technologies Launches Advanced Facility for Research, Manufacturing, and Production

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Tetra Pharm Technologies, a biotech company based in Denmark, has recently completed its purpose-built headquarters as part of its long-term growth strategy. Situated around 40 kilometers north of Copenhagen within the renowned life science cluster, Medicon Valley, the new 4,000 square meter facility is a significant achievement for Tetra Pharm Technologies' expansion plans.

The location was previously used as a manufacturing site by Ambu A/S, a medical solutions company. Tetra Pharm Technologies has extensively renovated the facility to cater to its specific needs, focusing on increasing manufacturing capacity, optimizing production processes, and creating an ideal environment for its ambitious research and development projects.

Martin Rose, the CEO of Tetra Pharm Technologies, highlighted the importance of this move, underscoring that "the inauguration of this state-of-the-art headquarters marks a monumental occasion" for the company. The new facility empowers Tetra Pharm Technologies to elevate its research and development initiatives, enhance operational efficiency, and make its innovative pharmaceutical drugs more accessible to patients as the company expands its market presence.

Beyond its manufacturing functions, the spacious facility has been designed to foster collaboration and dynamism among Tetra Pharm Technologies' workforce, enabling seamless teamwork across different departments.

It's worth noting that the company will continue to operate its existing manufacturing and production facility in Hillerød. This facility will be transformed into a dedicated pilot plant, providing Tetra Pharm Technologies with a space to conduct thorough testing, trials, and evaluations without disrupting the operations at the new headquarters.

Martin Rose emphasized the significance of the original manufacturing site, expressing that maintaining it as a testing site allows the company to uphold its strong focus on scientific innovation, ultimately benefiting its patients.

In summary, the completion of Tetra Pharm Technologies' purpose-built headquarters marks a pivotal step toward its sustained growth and advancement. The company's commitment to innovation and patient well-being remains unwavering, ushering in a new phase of advanced research, efficient production, and improved accessibility to groundbreaking pharmaceutical solutions.

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