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Tetra Pharm Technologies and Glysious Announce Partnership to Develop Transdermal Combination Drugs Targeting the Endocannabinoid System

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Tetra Pharm Technologies and Glysious are excited to announce a new collaboration aiming to revolutionize transdermal drug delivery systems. The partnership intends to enhance several of Tetra Pharm Technologies' pipeline candidates by developing an innovative transdermal patch designed to effectively deliver "difficult-to-formulate" compounds targeting the endocannabinoid system.

Tetra Pharm Technologies has invested significant efforts in mastering formulation expertise, ensuring molecules integrate seamlessly with drug delivery systems to reach their intended targets. Meanwhile, Glysious has diligently worked on perfecting an adhesive patch for transdermal drug delivery since its establishment in 2020.

Dr. Anne Ladegaard Skov, Chief Scientific Officer at Glysious, explains, "Our technology enables precise, sustained dosing, accommodating high drug loads while ensuring patches remain in place comfortably, enhancing patient compliance. However, we've encountered challenges with standard formulation strategies that hinder optimal drug release."

In 2023, Glysious and Tetra Pharm Technologies conducted early in-vitro feasibility tests, integrating Tetra Pharma Technologies' proprietary technology for delivering poorly soluble compounds with Glysious' patch.

Dr. Morten Allesø, Chief Scientific Officer at Tetra Pharm Technologies, elaborates, "While both parties recognized the uniqueness of our technologies, we were pleasantly surprised by a five-fold increase in performance with our combined product compared to conventional formulations. This breakthrough compels us to further advance this technology for the benefit of patients."

The collaboration's objectives include comprehensive in-vitro and in-vivo studies to assess the combined system's performance and efficacy. Tetra Pharm Technologies and Glysious also plan to pursue a joint patent, safeguarding their innovative technology.

Stina Bjerg Nielsen, CEO of Glysious, expresses excitement, saying, "We look forward to collaborating with Tetra Pharm Technologies to commercialize and scale our technology within the pharmaceutical sector."

Martin Rose, CEO of Tetra Pharm Technologies, concludes, "This collaboration allows us to leverage the synergies between our technologies to develop a transdermal drug delivery system offering superior efficacy, convenience, and patient compliance, benefiting our pipeline programs."

The partnership involves the exchange of expertise, knowledge, and resources, along with joint research and experimentation. The collaboration's focus includes disease indications such as pain, sleep disorders, and appetite regulation.



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