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Stuart Therapeutics Enters into Exclusive Worldwide Licensing Agreement with Glaukos Corporation

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Stuart Therapeutics, Inc. ("Stuart") has announced a licensing agreement with Glaukos Corporation ("Glaukos"), granting Glaukos exclusive global rights to develop and commercialize Stuart's proprietary drug candidate, ST-113, for neuroprotection in glaucoma. ST-113 is a patented pre-clinical asset that has shown potential in providing neuroprotection and promoting the repair of optic nerve axons in animal testing. This approach represents a significant step in glaucoma treatment, focusing on neuroprotection independently of controlling intraocular pressure, and offering a potential solution for normal tension glaucoma.

Under the agreement, Stuart will receive an initial payment and is eligible for additional payments linked to development and sales milestones, along with ongoing royalties. Glaukos will cover all expenses related to the development of ST-113.

Stuart, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Glaukos, aiming to develop the first neuroprotective therapy targeting the extracellular matrix, a crucial factor in glaucoma. He highlighted Glaukos as a leader in glaucoma therapeutics, with a focus on innovative therapies, expertise in drug product design and delivery, and a strong global presence to make this drug candidate accessible to millions of glaucoma patients worldwide.

ST-113 is being investigated as a potential treatment for open-angle glaucoma, including normal tension glaucoma. It is a synthetic collagen mimetic peptide designed to selectively repair damaged helical collagen within the extracellular matrix. Stuart's preclinical research indicates that ST-113 may restore both the structural and cell signaling functions of collagen in the optic nerve area, reducing inflammation and promoting nerve health. Stuart has been actively developing ST-113 for glaucoma and has been working on defining new criteria suitable for a neuroprotective approach to this disease.



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