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Slingshot Introduces Novel Portfolio Aimed at Advancing Cell Therapy Development, Manufacturing, and Clinical Trials

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

In response to significant customer demand, Slingshot Biosciences is unveiling a revolutionary range of products aimed at transforming the landscape of analytical precision in cell therapy. These products address the critical challenge of quality control in current cell therapy development and manufacturing processes.

In the field of cell therapy, the accuracy of analytical methodologies is essential for developing and delivering potent and effective products. One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is the lack of reliable controls to validate the accuracy and consistency of analytical methods used in assessing cell therapy products during various stages of development.

To tackle this issue, Slingshot Bio has introduced a suite of synthetic cells engineered to express precise quantities of cell-therapy-relevant markers such as BCMA and CD19. Additionally, they offer a product featuring lymphocyte subsets comprising carefully defined cell populations pertinent to standardizing patient characterization.

These innovative products empower cell therapy developers and researchers to enhance their analytical methodologies by providing consistent, cost-effective controls for accurately profiling patients and evaluating therapies. Designed for use in flow cytometry assays, they improve quality control and assay uniformity, thereby accelerating research and development efforts towards more efficacious cell therapy solutions.

Jeff Kim, CEO of Slingshot Biosciences, asserts, "These synthetic cells are custom-crafted for the cell therapy developer community, offering a reliable means to characterize patient starting materials and CAR product analysis—a need previously unmet. Our dedication lies in equipping the cell therapy fraternity with indispensable tools for making informed, data-driven decisions. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and strategic global collaborations, we are steadfast in advancing precision in cell therapy research and manufacturing."



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