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SimBioSys and General Inception Form Strategic Partnership to Speed Up Cancer Drug Development

Thursday, April 04, 2024

SimBioSys, a leader in precision oncology, and General Inception ("GI"), a global company Igniter, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at transforming oncology drug development. Through the integration of AI and biophysical modeling, their collaboration seeks to significantly reduce both the time and costs associated with this process.

The cornerstone of this partnership is PhenoScope, a proprietary technology developed by SimBioSys. PhenoScope has the ability to analyze extensive amounts of multi-modal data seamlessly, offering unique insights into tumor biology, particularly in 4-dimensional space. Utilizing SimBioSys' vast data repository, including over 12,000 individual cancer patient profiles and a virtual tumor bank housing more than 20,000 spatially resolved tumors, PhenoScope empowers drug development by predicting personalized patient responses over time. This includes insights into drug binding, metabolic responses, and optimal dosing strategies across various scenarios and delivery methods.

GI, a venture studio with a diverse portfolio of over 40 companies, including 10 focused on therapeutics, aims to further expand its therapeutics portfolio with up to eight new additions annually for the next five years.

PhenoScope facilitates deep phenotyping of tumor biology, identifying sets of biomarkers with high predictive value. This toolkit proves invaluable across all stages of drug development, from identifying novel biomarkers for new drugs to selecting patients most likely to benefit. Furthermore, it aids in indication and combination selection, as well as precision dosing, optimizing therapeutic outcomes while minimizing adverse effects and reducing healthcare costs.

Venkat Reddy, Chief Scientific Officer of General Inception, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in advancing personalized cancer therapies. He highlighted that all new oncology drug incubations under General Inception will utilize SimBioSys' PhenoScope platform and drug development services, accelerating the journey from target identification to clinical positioning and enhancing efficacy through patient stratification and precision medicine.

Tushar Pandey, Chief Executive Officer of SimBioSys, underscored the commitment to introducing precision into the drug development process. He emphasized that the partnership with General Inception will substantially reduce both time and costs associated with oncology drug development. This not only lowers program expenses but also enhances efficacy and minimizes patient side effects through improved dosing strategies. The collaboration reflects a dedication to innovation in the fight against cancer, promising to deliver groundbreaking precision oncology drugs to patients more efficiently than ever before.



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