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Salipro Biotech and Icosagen Announce a Collaboration for Antibody Discovery

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Salipro Biotech AB, a Swedish biotech company, and Icosagen, an Estonian biotechnology company, have recently announced their collaboration in a multi-target antibody research agreement aimed at advancing drug discovery programs focused on challenging membrane proteins. These proteins include G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and solute carrier (SLC) transporters.

This partnership between Salipro Biotech and Icosagen will build upon Salipro's established reputation for forming multiple collaborative and licensing agreements with prominent pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Their goal is to facilitate drug discovery against complex membrane protein targets, spanning from small molecule drug discovery programs to structural biology and antibody discovery.

Jens Frauenfeld, the CEO of Salipro Biotech, expressed enthusiasm for their technology, known as Salipro®, which provides a valuable platform for discovering therapeutics targeting difficult drug targets. He highlighted their excitement to unlock the potential of these targets in conjunction with Icosagen and create innovative drugs that can enhance patient outcomes.

Icosagen, on the other hand, brings substantial expertise in protein production and analytics to this collaboration. Their proficiency in antibody discovery, encompassing high-throughput antibody screening and a variety of lead optimization techniques, will significantly enrich the partnership and create a robust foundation for supporting the development of biologic drugs in the future.

Mart Ustav Jr., the CSO of Icosagen, expressed delight in applying their QMCF technology and protein analytics capabilities to this project. Both teams at Icosagen and Salipro Biotech are committed to pushing the boundaries in novel biologics development technologies, and the collaboration holds promise for achieving remarkable results.

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