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Renovorx and Imugene to Collaborate on Oncolytic Virus Therapy Delivery via Proprietary Trans-arterial Micro-perfusion (TAMP™) Platform

Friday, July 21, 2023

RenovoRx, Inc. (Nasdaq: RNXT) and Imugene Ltd (ASX: IMU) have recently entered into a strategic research collaboration aimed at optimizing the delivery of Imugene's oncolytic virus therapy using RenovoRx's TAMP (Trans-Arterial Micro-Perfusion) therapy platform. The primary goal of this collaboration is to target difficult-to-access tumors, providing potential benefits to cancer patients.

Leslie Chong, who serves as the Managing Director & CEO of Imugene, expressed great enthusiasm about the potential synergy between RenovoRx's trans-arterial drug delivery system and Imugene's CF33 oncolytic virus platform. He believes that combining these two technologies has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of challenging cancers and ultimately help patients.

Shaun Bagai, the CEO of RenovoRx, also expressed excitement about the collaboration and its significance for the company's pipeline expansion. Moving beyond the treatment of locally advanced disease, RenovoRx aims to focus on treating metastatic disease with immunotherapy. The combination of RenovoRx's proprietary TAMP platform with Imugene's CF33 oncolytic virus presents an exciting opportunity to optimize clinical benefits for patients.

The research collaboration will be centered around investigating the administration of Imugene's CF33 oncolytic virus technology using RenovoRx's TAMP platform. The unique approach of delivering therapeutics trans-arterially is expected to be particularly valuable in treating difficult-to-access tumors, such as those commonly found in pancreatic and liver cancers. Traditional administration methods often face limitations due to the presence of dense fibrous tissue and inadequate blood vessel supply to these tumors.

RenovoRx's TAMP platform has demonstrated impressive capabilities in delivering therapeutics precisely to the target tissue. In previous studies, it showcased a 100-fold increase in local tissue concentration compared to conventional intravenous delivery. This makes it a promising option for increasing therapy efficacy and safety while expanding the therapeutic window by uniformly distributing the treatment in the target tissue.

For its pioneering TAMP therapy platform technology, RenovoRx was honored with the Drug Delivery Technology category award at the Fierce Innovation Awards - Life Sciences Edition 2020, further validating its potential impact on cancer treatment.

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