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RenAgade Therapeutics expands its dedication to glycobiology through the establishment of GanNA Bio

Monday, April 29, 2024

ReNAgade Therapeutics is broadening its scope in RNA medicine through a collaboration with GanNA Bio. This partnership aims to explore the potential of glycobiology in therapeutic applications. Dr. Caroline Bertozzi and Dr. Richard D. Cummings, the founders of GanNA, will now serve as advisors to ReNAgade, cementing the collaboration.

Brian Goodman, co-founder of ReNAgade, is optimistic about the partnership, highlighting GanNA's extrahepatic delivery technology as a key asset to enhance ReNAgade's RNA medicines. He emphasizes the importance of delivery technology in overcoming current limitations in RNA therapeutics and affirms ReNAgade's dedication to advancing this platform.

GanNA Bio, supported by ReNAgade's investment since its inception in 2021, is at the forefront of extrahepatic RNA delivery, drawing from research conducted at institutions like Stanford University and Boston Children's Hospital. Led by Dr. Bertozzi, a Nobel laureate in Chemistry, GanNA's approach utilizes glycobiology to develop cell-specific RNA drug delivery systems.

Dr. Bertozzi notes the rapid progress in glycoRNA science and the potential of integrating GanNA's targeting strategy with ReNAgade's RNA drug development expertise. Together, they aim to create a diverse portfolio of cell-specific delivery systems, pushing the boundaries of RNA medicine.

The collaboration between ReNAgade and GanNA signifies a significant step forward in RNA therapeutics, promising innovative advancements with potential global benefits for patients.



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