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Pierre Fabre and Vernalis Laboratories Announce Collaboration in Oncology Drug Research and Development

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Laboratoires Pierre Fabre and Vernalis (R&D) Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HitGen Inc., are excited to announce a long-term collaboration aimed at the discovery of pre-clinical candidates for a variety of oncological targets.

In this partnership, Vernalis will harness its expertise to facilitate research and drug development for an undisclosed set of targets. It will employ fragment and structure-based methodologies to identify small molecules capable of modulating the activity of these targets. This collaborative effort will merge Vernalis' research prowess with Pierre Fabre Laboratories' experience in oncology to pinpoint potential drug candidates for the treatment of various cancers, with the ultimate goal of their development and commercialization by Pierre Fabre Laboratories. Pierre Fabre Laboratories will finance Vernalis' research activities and provide milestone payments to cover research and clinical expenses, along with royalties on marketed products.

James Murray, Director of Research at Vernalis, expressed their enthusiasm for this strategic partnership, highlighting Vernalis' established track record of innovation and success in drug research and development, particularly in identifying clinical candidates across a diverse range of therapeutic targets. They eagerly anticipate nurturing this enduring collaboration with Pierre Fabre Laboratories, leveraging their expertise in cancer biology and clinical development.

Francesco Hofmann, Director of Research and Development within the Medical Care division of Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, emphasized the significance of this partnership, noting that leveraging Vernalis' proficiency in critical aspects of structure-based drug design to deliver high-quality clinical candidates for multiple oncology targets is a valuable asset in expanding their small molecule drug discovery portfolio.

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