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Multiply Labs and Thermo Fisher Scientific Enhance Collaboration for Automated Cell Expansion and Separation in Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Monday, February 12, 2024

Thermo Fisher Scientific has made significant strides in advancing cell therapy development and manufacturing through a collaboration with Multiply Labs' robotic technology. This partnership aims to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and expedite production timelines, ultimately making innovative cell therapies more accessible to patients.

A key enhancement is seen with the automated Heracell VIOS Incubator, which can now simultaneously host up to 18 products when paired with G-Rex100M bioreactors. This marks a substantial improvement over traditional manual methods, where typically only one or two bioreactors are used per incubator. The potential to scale up to 36 products with just two automated incubators highlights the future scalability of the process.

Moreover, automation of Thermo Fisher's CTS Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System allows crucial manufacturing steps, including upstream and downstream cell processing, to be performed automatically. This not only boosts throughput but also reduces labor costs, as these tasks can now be handled by a single operator, compared to the 4-8 operators typically required in manual processes. Additionally, the streamlined automated workflow requires significantly less space compared to human-operated workflows, further optimizing resource utilization.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, emphasized the significance of this expanded partnership in delivering curative therapies more efficiently. He highlighted the importance of eliminating manual bottlenecks to ensure scalability and access to groundbreaking therapies for patients.

Cell therapy innovators and contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) can benefit from this collaboration by integrating Thermo Fisher's advanced solutions and leveraging the advantages of automation, such as cost reduction and increased throughput. Multiply Labs' demonstration of the statistical equivalence between automated and manual cell expansion processes suggests that manufacturers can seamlessly transition to automated protocols with minimal adjustments and reduced regulatory risk.

Multiply Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration's potential to revolutionize cell therapy manufacturing and improve patient care. He emphasized the goal of establishing a fully automated, user-friendly process that positively impacts patient outcomes, underscoring the critical role of the ongoing partnership with Thermo Fisher in realizing this vision.



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