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Metabolon and Trajan Collaborate on Advancing Microsampling Solutions for Metabolomics Research

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Metabolon, Inc., a leading global provider of metabolomics solutions for life science research, and Trajan Scientific and Medical, the innovator behind Neoteryx Mitra® biological sample collection devices based on VAMS® technology, have recently announced a collaborative partnership focusing on advancing microsampling solutions for metabolomics research.

Life science research studies often encounter challenges related to obtaining sufficient and stable biological samples. Mitra devices present a solution through a volumetric absorptive microsampling method that is minimally invasive and user-friendly, making it particularly suitable for preclinical research settings. This technique allows for smaller microliter sample volumes, facilitating research opportunities not achievable with standard blood collection methods. This includes sample collection at events, in-home settings, with vulnerable populations, and in remote field research locations.

Metabolon, highlighted the significance of this partnership, stating, "This collaboration democratizes the ability to collect stable blood samples for metabolomic analysis. Working with Trajan will make it easier to access patients in decentralized trials, promoting wider adoption of metabolomics. This opens the door for advanced metabolomic analytical techniques to be applied in a broader range of academic and commercial life science research."

Trajan, added, "Through this collaboration, we are breaking down traditional sample collection barriers in metabolomic analysis. It allows researchers to reach a more diverse spectrum of patients and participants in clinical trials or research, moving away from clinic-based specimen collection to obtaining reliable samples for use in Metabolon's targeted and untargeted panels. This marks a significant step toward a more comprehensive understanding of human health and disease development."



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