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LabWare Maintains Leadership in Ireland's BioPharma Sector Through Strategic Partnerships and Innovation

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

LabWare, a leading provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) in the Pharma and BioPharma sectors, took part in a significant delegation led by the Governor of Delaware to explore opportunities within Ireland's BioPharma industry. The delegation aimed to understand Ireland's success in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, foster collaborations, explore innovation, and gain insights from LabWare. Participants included the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), the University of Delaware, and representatives from LabWare.

LabWare's Ireland Service Delivery Manager, represented the industry in the delegation. They engaged with various organizations such as Ireland's National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NiBRT), The University of Limerick, Trinity College, and economic development entities like IDA Ireland and The Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals (SSPC). Additionally, they interacted with several of LabWare's BioPharma clients, including Astra Zeneca.

Key observations during the visit highlighted Ireland's significant advancements in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, driven by investments in workforce development, government incentives, and collaborations between government, industry, and academia. The growth in Ireland's BioPharma Manufacturing and Research and Development, supported by venture capital and state-of-the-art facilities, was also noted. Furthermore, major technology companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google showed increased interest in Ireland's BioPharma sector, indicating a favorable environment for innovation. Ireland's commitment to science education was recognized for nurturing a skilled workforce and encouraging collaborative research initiatives.

Patrick Callahan emphasized LabWare's commitment to innovation and collaboration within Ireland's BioPharma sector, aligning with LabWare's mission of driving technological advancements in the industry. LabWare identified numerous collaboration and expansion opportunities during the visit, reinforcing its dedication to advancing technology integration and forming strategic partnerships globally.

Tom Brohan, LabWare's Ireland representative and a native of Ireland, expressed pride in showcasing the software advancements in the Biopharmaceutical space in his home country. He sees this experience as enlightening the path for future innovations, especially in the U.S.

LabWare, renowned as a global leader in LIMS and instrument integration software, offers an Enterprise Laboratory Platform combining LabWare LIMS™ and LabWare ELN™. This platform enables clients to enhance compliance, quality, productivity, and cost-efficiency. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, LabWare serves customers in over 125 countries with offices worldwide, offering software, professional services, training, and technical support.






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