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Kissei Unveils Iktos AI Drug Discovery System

Monday, July 03, 2023

Iktos, a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for new drug design, has recently announced a collaboration with Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a prominent Japanese pharmaceutical company with a focus on urology, kidney-dialysis, and unmet medical needs. Kissei will be integrating Iktos' Software as a Service Platform, named Makya™, into their drug discovery process. This partnership aims to accelerate the design of new small molecules, ultimately expediting drug discovery and development.

Iktos utilizes advanced AI technology, including deep generative models and data-driven chemical structure generation, to provide valuable insights and improvements to the molecular discovery process. By leveraging these capabilities, Iktos aims to enhance the productivity of medicinal chemists and accelerate the identification of new drug candidates.

Yasuo Takehana, President and COO of Kissei, expressed his confidence in Iktos' state-of-the-art AI technology and its alignment with Kissei's strategic goals in small molecule drug discovery. He emphasized the collaborative nature of the partnership, highlighting its potential to strengthen Kissei's capabilities in medicinal chemistry, generate innovative compounds with competitive advantages, and reduce compound discovery timelines.

Yann Gaston-Mathé, Co-founder and CEO of Iktos, expressed enthusiasm and pride in joining forces with Kissei, a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company. He emphasized the significance of Iktos' software being utilized by Kissei's scientists in their drug discovery projects. By combining powerful algorithmic technology, knowledge gained from previous collaborations, and an intuitive user interface, Iktos aims to build an innovative technology platform that enhances the efficiency of small molecule discovery and provides an optimal user experience.

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