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Kane Biotech Announces First Distribution Agreement for its coactiv+™ Antimicrobial Hydrogel

Thursday, January 05, 2023

Kane Biotech Inc. has announced a recent distribution agreement with Salud Pharma S.A. for the distribution of its coactiv+™ Antimicrobial Hydrogel wound care and DermaKB™ scalp care products. Once Kane receives FDA's 510(k) approval, Salud Pharma will register and commercialize the coactiv+™ Antimicrobial wound gel in Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica through wound care centers and pharmacies. Additionally, Salud Pharma will import and distribute Kane's DermaKB™ line of scalp detoxifiers and shampoos.

Marc Edwards, President and CEO of Kane, expressed the significance of this milestone, emphasizing the positive response received from potential partners for the coactiv+™ Antimicrobial wound gel. The collaboration with Salud Pharma was a clear choice for Kane based on the company's track record in the category.

The coactiv+™ Antimicrobial Hydrogel combines Kane's patented coactiv+™ antibiofilm technology and PHMB in a thermo-reversible gel. This formulation creates an optimal moist environment for wound healing and exhibits superior antimicrobial activity. The gel is designed for easy application and is suitable for sensitive wounds. When cooled below 16°C/60°F, it transforms into a liquid state, allowing it to be poured onto wounds such as burns. Within seconds, it forms a thick, clear coating that can be easily rinsed off with cold water. Kane aims to make the wound gel accessible to patients, considering current reimbursement levels under the surgical dressing policy in the U.S.

DermaKB™ Biofilm Products are part of Kane's scalp care line, utilizing the patented coactiv+™ technology. The product range includes a scalp detoxifier, shampoo, and shampoo bar, specifically designed to break down biofilms. Research suggests that the persistence of biofilms may contribute to aggravating symptoms associated with common scalp conditions. The DermaKB™ ingredients are designated as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by the FDA and are suitable for daily use.

Nicolás Ribon, General Manager of Salud Pharma S.A., expressed their satisfaction with the partnership, emphasizing the goal of adding value in the wound care and dermatological pathologies markets. Salud Pharma aims to positively impact the quality of life for patients and caregivers in Latin America, as a significant percentage of wounds and dermatological pathologies in the region are associated with high biofilm production.

Chronic wounds pose a substantial financial burden on the U.S. healthcare system. The treatment of chronic wounds is challenging, often leading to amputation, sepsis, and mortality. Bacterial biofilms, found in over 80% of chronic wounds, contribute to the high failure rate of treatment. These biofilms make bacteria highly resistant to antibiotics, antimicrobial agents, disinfectants, and the host immune system, further complicating the healing process.

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