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Infinimmune and Grid Therapeutics Have Joined Forces to Conduct Extensive B Cell Deep Sequencing for the Purpose of Advancing Drug Discovery in the Field of Oncology

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Infinimmune, a biotechnology company specializing in novel methods for antibody drug discovery and development, has recently entered into a collaboration with Grid Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biotechnology firm focusing on human-derived antibodies. The partnership aims to jointly identify potential new antibody drug candidates for non-small cell lung cancer.

This collaboration will utilize Infinimmune's Anthrobody™ drug discovery platform, known for antibodies that encompass the full binding and effector regions from both chains. These antibodies are sourced from the human immune system, setting them apart from those derived through model organisms, display libraries, or computational algorithms.

During the collaboration, both companies will collaboratively investigate the antibody repertoire in a significant cohort of non-small cell lung cancer patients and control subjects. The selection criteria include clinical status and responses to standard chemotherapies and immunotherapies. This approach allows Grid and Infinimmune to prioritize their discovery efforts by analyzing clinical information, gaining insights into variations and commonalities in antibody responses related to lung cancer progression.

Expressing excitement about the collaboration, Wyatt McDonnell, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Infinimmune, stated, "By leveraging our Anthrobody™ platform and Complete Human™ immunosequencing technology to identify truly human therapeutics, our collaboration with Grid Therapeutics will identify features of the antibody repertoire in non-small cell lung cancer in the pursuit of novel antibody therapeutics against existing and new targets."

Grid Therapeutics, added, "We aim to take full advantage of Infinimmune’s truly human antibody data to efficiently identify better and safer therapeutics. Like Infinimmune, Grid has a platform that probes the human immune response, which we believe will be pivotal in driving the next generation of immunotherapies."



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