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InDevR Introduces 5'CapQ for Quick Assessment of mRNA Vaccine Quality Attributes

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

InDevR Inc., a leader in vaccine analytical solutions, has introduced 5’CapQ, a new kit designed for rapid determination of mRNA 5’ capping efficiency. This solution, part of the VaxArray® Platform, allows mRNA vaccine manufacturers to assess bioprocesses quickly, eliminating delays associated with central lab testing.

The 5′ cap structure is critical for mRNA stability and translation efficiency. Accurate measurement of 5’ capping and its efficiency is essential for ensuring mRNA vaccine efficacy and quality control during production.

Traditionally, samples are sent to external labs for time-consuming HPLC analysis. In contrast, InDevR’s VaxArray Platform with the 5’CapQ Assay enables scientists to independently measure 5’ capping efficiency rapidly, delivering results within hours.

"InDevR collaborates closely with biopharmaceutical teams to develop tailored solutions for mRNA analytics," noted Dr. Kathy Rowen, CEO of InDevR. "5’CapQ empowers development scientists to perform essential quality measurements directly, providing immediate insights into bioprocesses. We anticipate its applicability beyond mRNA vaccines to include mRNA therapeutics."

5’CapQ complements a range of kits compatible with the VaxArray Platform. This user-friendly benchtop instrument, along with its ready-to-use kits and customizable assays, enables vaccine developers to streamline and standardize their workflows. From early development through clinical evaluation to potency testing, the platform supports comprehensive solutions at every stage of vaccine development.



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