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Hyundai Bioscience's Preclinical Study Shows Success with Niclosamide-based Oral Anticancer Treatment for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Monday, April 22, 2024

Hyundai Bioscience (KOSDAQ 048410) has announced positive results from its preclinical study on triple-negative breast cancer. The study investigated a combination therapy of a 'Niclosamide-based oral anti-cancer drug,' developed jointly with CNPharm, along with Docetaxel, a commonly used chemical anticancer agent. According to the findings, the combination therapy outperformed Docetaxel alone, showing a 67% increase in anti-cancer efficacy.

The results of this preclinical study are scheduled for publication in an SCI-level paper.

Hyundai Bioscience has repurposed Niclosamide as an oral anticancer medication, supported by decades of in vitro studies demonstrating its effectiveness in targeting various cancers by disrupting cancer cell metabolism.

Niclosamide disrupts cancer cell metabolism, inhibiting cancer cell proliferation and survival in vitro, preventing anticancer drug resistance through cell signaling pathway blockage, and curbing cancer recurrence and metastasis by inhibiting cancer stem cells. It stands as a promising antitumor agent targeting metabolism, with Niclosamide-based anticancer drugs offering solutions to resistance and metastasis issues concurrently.

Niclosamide has shown efficacy against various cancers, including lung, breast, prostate, colon, liver, kidney, and head and neck cancers, particularly those resistant to current treatments like triple-negative breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and head and neck cancer.

Despite its recognized anticancer efficacy, Niclosamide has not been clinically used in humans for over six decades due to challenges such as low bioavailability and a short half-life, hindering effective drug concentration maintenance in the bloodstream.

Through proprietary drug delivery technology, Hyundai Bioscience, in collaboration with CNPharm, has developed a Niclosamide-based oral anticancer drug formulation capable of achieving drug concentrations at or above the IC50 level, inhibiting cancer cell proliferation even at non-toxic Niclosamide doses. Extensive in vivo toxicity testing over three months revealed a NOAEL dose with a Niclosamide blood concentration level of 7,888 ng/mL, sufficient to effectively impede cancer cell proliferation even at doses less than one-tenth of the NOAEL.

Hyundai Bioscience's in vivo efficacy study on combination therapy with a Niclosamide-based anticancer agent and Docetaxel confirmed Niclosamide's significant enhancement of anticancer efficacy.

Dr. Jin Geun-Woo, leading Hyundai Bioscience R&D, highlighted the importance of these preclinical findings, announcing plans for clinical phase 1/2a trials in Korea targeting various challenging cancers.

Mr. Oh Sang-gi, CEO of Hyundai Bioscience, revealed plans to establish a new subsidiary, ADM KOREA, to spearhead the Niclosamide-based oral anticancer drug project.



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