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Genomic Vision and the Institute of Cancer Research, London Forge Technology Agreement Partnership

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Genomic Vision (FR0011799907 - GV) is a biotechnology company traded on Euronext that specializes in precise DNA sequence characterization. They recently announced a partnership with The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in London. The agreement involves the sale of Genomic Vision's FiberVision® S and FiberSmart® products to the ICR for use in cancer research.

The ICR is a renowned research organization dedicated to understanding cancer causes and mechanisms, developing new therapies, and improving patient outcomes. By utilizing FiberVision® S and FiberSmart®, the ICR aims to expedite their cancer research and gain molecular insights into complex biological processes. These insights will eventually be translated into clinical applications to benefit cancer patients.

FiberVision® S is an advanced fluorescence scanner designed for the analysis of single DNA molecules in life science research. FiberSmart® employs AI algorithms to analyze Replication Combing Assays (RCA), which is Genomic Vision's proprietary method for visualizing DNA replication kinetics at the single molecule level. These applications are essential tools for drug development in the field of oncology.

As the incidence of cancer continues to rise globally, the field of oncology research has become highly competitive. Monitoring genomic instability and understanding cancer development are critical for unraveling complex molecular mechanisms. DNA fiber analysis, particularly RCA, has become the gold standard for assessing replication stress caused by genotoxic agents such as chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapies. Genomic Vision's technologies offer valuable services in this area.

Aaron Bensimon, CEO of Genomic Vision, expressed excitement about collaborating with the ICR and emphasized the significant value their proprietary technologies bring to the drug discovery process. These services mitigate development risks, reduce lead times, minimize costs, and optimize patient and business outcomes. Genomic Vision's expanding client base in both industry and academia, including esteemed institutions like the ICR, serves as a testament to the effectiveness of their offerings. The company looks forward to contributing to future scientific breakthroughs through their partnership with the ICR.

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