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Evox Therapeutics Teams Up to Progress Next-Generation Exosome-Mediated AAV Gene Therapy for Heart Disease Treatment

Saturday, August 05, 2023

Evox Therapeutics Ltd, a prominent biotech company specializing in exosome therapeutics, has recently announced a research collaboration and option agreement with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (Icahn Mount Sinai) in New York, NY. Their joint effort is focused on developing exosome-encapsulated AAV (exoAAV) vectors, a novel gene delivery technology aimed at enhancing treatments for heart disease.

The main goal of this collaboration is to address a significant challenge in cardiovascular medicine, which is the safe and effective delivery of genetic medicines to cardiomyocytes. By improving the precision of gene delivery to heart muscle cells and effectively avoiding the immune response, the exoAAV technology holds the potential to revolutionize gene therapy in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Susmita Sahoo, an Associate Professor of Medicine, Cardiology at Icahn Mount Sinai, has been leading research on exosomes in gene therapy for several years, and their group's findings were published in the esteemed cardiovascular disease journal, Circulation, on July 6, 2023. The partnership between Evox and Icahn Mount Sinai aims to build on this foundation, combining Evox's expertise in exosome technology with Icahn Mount Sinai's deep understanding of gene delivery and expertise in cardiovascular research and clinical translation.

Dr. Antonin de Fougerolles, the CEO of Evox, highlighted the significance of the project as it expands the application of exosome-mediated delivery of genetic medicines beyond the liver. He expressed confidence that their work, which has already shown improved in vivo delivery of AAV gene therapy to cardiomyocytes using exosomes, could lead to a potential exosome-mediated gene therapy applicable to all patients, irrespective of their immunological status, thereby making a significant impact in the field.

Dr. Sahoo expressed excitement about working with Evox to advance this research and unlock the therapeutic potential of exosome-encapsulated AAVs, which could potentially bring about a transformative shift in gene therapy and a major breakthrough in the treatment of heart diseases.

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