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Depixus and Daiichi Sankyo Establish Strategic Collaboration Utilizing MAGNA™ Technology to Expedite RNA-targeted Drug Discovery

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Depixus, an innovator in the field of interactomics, has entered into a collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo to apply their novel MAGNA™ technology to expedite the Japanese healthcare leader's RNA-targeted drug discovery program.

MAGNA, which is based on magnetic force spectroscopy, is a unique technology enabling real-time, high-throughput analysis of dynamic biomolecular interactions at a single-molecule resolution. Specifically in the context of RNA, MAGNA provides insights into how small molecules and proteins bind to three-dimensional RNA structures, offering valuable information about binding kinetics and mode of action.

Daiichi Sankyo's team will utilize MAGNA to investigate the interactions of lead molecules with undisclosed RNA targets. This data will guide hit-to-lead selection and lead optimization, fast-tracking and reducing risks in the development of the company's RNA-targeted therapeutics pipeline as it advances towards clinical trials.

What sets MAGNA apart is its ability to generate direct readouts of dynamic binding and conformational changes from individual molecules, in contrast to other analytical techniques that provide static snapshots or averaged bulk data. This makes MAGNA a powerful tool for studying a wide range of molecular interactions, including those involving DNA, RNA, proteins, and small molecule therapeutics. Its applications span across RNA-targeted drug discovery, protein-protein interactions, PROTACs, and molecular glues.

Gordon Hamilton, M.D., CEO of Depixus, expressed excitement about the potential in the field of RNA-targeted therapeutics through the collaboration with Daiichi Sankyo. He highlighted the significance of MAGNA in advancing their shared vision of developing innovative medicines for diseases with significant unmet needs.

Depixus is actively exploring collaborations with other global pharmaceutical and biotech partners to tackle challenging novel targets and accelerate the development of groundbreaking therapeutics. Additionally, the company is on track for the commercial launch of its MAGNATM One instrument in 2024, making interactomics capabilities accessible to academic and industrial laboratories.



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