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Coriolis Pharma Announces Launch of U.S. Entity, Offering Innovative Services for Monoclonal Antibodies

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Coriolis Pharma, a prominent player in R&D and GMP drug product development, analytics, and sterile drug manufacturing support, has announced the establishment of its U.S. entity. This move signifies the company's dedication to serving American clients by combining local accessibility with its renowned international expertise.

The U.S.-based Coriolis commercial team, comprising experienced business development and project management professionals, will directly cater to American customers, ensuring seamless communication and support.

In addition to this expansion, Coriolis is introducing two innovative platform services aimed at expediting the development of antibody drug candidates. These services draw on Coriolis' vast scientific experience, gained from over 1,500 successful biologics projects across all developmental stages.

The first platform service offers a thorough developability assessment for antibodies, assisting in the selection of candidates with optimal properties for efficient product development and market introduction. This service is particularly beneficial for projects with limited material availability and features innovative pricing models suitable for both emerging biotech startups and established pharmaceutical companies.

Simultaneously, Coriolis is launching a systemic antibody pre-formulation platform, systematically exploring a wide range of excipients from FDA-approved drugs to generate comprehensive datasets. This approach enables the selection of lead formulations with superior stability, aligning with clients' Quality Target Product Profiles (QTPP) from the outset and minimizing developmental risks.

These initiatives underscore Coriolis' commitment to client-centric innovation, empowering stakeholders to accelerate time to market, mitigate risks, and optimize drug product development strategies. By engaging with Coriolis early in the discovery and pre-clinical phases, clients can enhance their product's value proposition, paving the way for lucrative licensing and M&A opportunities.



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