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CellarisBio Unveils Groundbreaking Cell Target Engagement Platform, Revolutionizing Drug Discovery for Challenging Targets

Monday, February 26, 2024

CellarisBio has recently emerged from its stealth mode, introducing its innovative Micro-Tag cell target engagement platform. This platform is designed to facilitate target-based drug discovery for biotech companies. Over a short period, CellarisBio has formed partnerships with various biotech firms in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, where its platform has been effectively implemented.

The Micro-Tag platform enables the discovery of new therapeutics within the natural environment of cells, preserving essential cell biology. Co-founders Elmar Nurmemmedov and Ivan Babic express their mission to expand the druggable proteome, with a particular focus on challenging drug targets that have proven difficult to address through conventional means. They emphasize the importance of decoding these targets within their native cellular context.

Recognizing the potential of over 9000 undiscovered therapies potentially locked behind challenging drug targets, CellarisBio's platform represents a significant opportunity for advancement. It allows for in-cell assessment of true target engagement, offering essential evidence of pharmacology before costly preclinical and clinical studies. This capability is particularly relevant in an era where artificial intelligence and data science are reshaping drug discovery processes.

The technology, not limited to specific disease areas, supports therapeutic programs targeting defined targets. Co-founder Ivan Babic highlights the platform's ability to provide highly sensitive, real-time measurements of drug-target engagement within the cellular environment, giving a competitive edge in early drug discovery endeavors.



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