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Caris Life Sciences and ConcertAI Forge an Expanded Partnership to Develop a Pioneering Clinico-Genomic Research Platform Enabling Prospective Patient Matching

Friday, June 02, 2023

Caris Life Sciences® and ConcertAI have recently announced an expanded partnership in the field of translational sciences and clinical development solutions. The companies aim to collaborate on the creation of a comprehensive database of molecular, clinical, and multi-modal data that will provide 
valuable insights for precision medicine, therapeutic development, and the management of clinical trials. By leveraging their respective expertise in molecular science, artificial intelligence (AI), and real-world evidence data, Caris and ConcertAI aim to establish the largest-scale oncology research platform in the industry. This partnership will enable multi-year programs focusing on specific cancers, programs, and molecular targets, covering translational sciences, clinical development, and post-approval evidence generation.

Caris, a pioneer in precision medicine and molecular profiling, has already developed a real-world database consisting of hundreds of thousands of cases, including genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and whole slide imaging data. Caris was the first in the industry to offer Whole Exome Sequencing DNA coverage and Whole Transcriptome Sequencing RNA coverage (WES/WTS) for each patient, which encompasses various genetic variations and signatures. On the other hand, ConcertAI has amassed an extensive collection of research-grade clinical data in oncology, hematology, and urological cancers, representing the treatment and outcomes of millions of patients. Their AI SaaS solutions for clinical trial design and clinical development studies have also gained recognition as leading solutions in the field of precision oncology trials.

Through their collaboration, Caris and ConcertAI aim to accelerate the understanding of cancer biology, facilitate the translation of scientific insights into clinical practice, and support innovative approaches to clinical development. By granting access to comprehensive and diverse data, the partnership aims to benefit all cancer patients, particularly those with limited treatment options.
As part of their partnership, Caris and ConcertAI will align their clinical trials networks and solutions to enhance patient identification and matching. They will also align their scientific talent and AI technologies to support the research objectives of their academic and biopharmaceutical partners. Although the specific terms of the partnership have not been disclosed, the collaboration signifies a significant advancement in healthcare by integrating molecular science, AI, and real-world evidence data, with the ultimate goal of improving cancer care and patient outcomes.

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