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C-Path and CENTOGENE Enhance Collaboration in Advancing Lysosomal Disease Research and Drug Development

Friday, June 21, 2024

The Critical Path Institute (C-Path) and Centogene N.V. (Nasdaq: CNTG) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on advancing drug development for lysosomal diseases (LDs) and enhancing the quality of life for affected individuals.

The MOU outlines a strategic partnership aimed at leveraging the strengths of both organizations in genetic and real-world data (RWD) to overcome barriers in developing safe and effective therapies for LDs.

Centogene is recognized for its leadership in genomic and multiomic testing services, using advanced sequencing technologies to expedite diagnosis and treatment development for rare and neurodegenerative diseases. Their CENTOGENE Biodatabank is the largest integrated multiomic data repository globally, encompassing data from over 850,000 patients across 120 countries, with a significant representation of diverse populations.

C-Path specializes in forming collaborative work groups to address specific challenges in drug development. Established in 2023, the Critical Path for Lysosomal Diseases (CPLD) Consortium focuses on accelerating therapies for LDs through public-private partnerships.

The MOU highlights several collaborative areas between C-Path and CENTOGENE, including:

  • Data Enrichment and Linkage: Enhancing efforts in data enrichment and linkage for LDs, particularly focusing on diseases like Niemann-Pick disease type C, Gaucher disease types 2 and 3, and mucopolysaccharidosis type II.
  • Genetic Testing Services: Providing genetic testing services for clinical trials and observational studies.
  • Sample Analysis Reporting: Offering sample analysis reporting services through CentoCloud for diagnostics conducted by CENTOGENE or other labs.
  • Access to CENTOGENE Biodatabank: Allowing limited access to analyze patients from CPLD projects, potentially involving data linkage.
  • Joint Cobranding Efforts: Promoting the collaboration's unique contributions in RWD and genetic data for LDs.

CENTOGENE, emphasized, "In partnering with C-Path, we are advancing our shared vision of transforming real-world data into life-saving therapeutics for patients globally."

Dr. Krista Casazza, CPLD Scientific Director, noted, "This partnership with CENTOGENE combines our expertise and resources to address significant barriers in LD research and drug development."

This collaboration underscores a commitment to leveraging data-driven insights to accelerate the development of therapies for rare diseases, ultimately improving patient outcomes worldwide.



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