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Bayer AG Partners with TetraScience to Boost Innovation through Enhanced Scientific Data Utilization

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Bayer AG (BAYRY), a renowned global pharmaceutical and biotechnology company, has entered into a partnership with TetraScience, a leading provider of Scientific Data and AI Cloud solutions. This collaboration aims to optimize the utilization of scientific data to foster innovation. Bayer's objective is to advance the development of groundbreaking therapeutics and ensure global food security through this alliance.

By leveraging Tetra Science's innovative Scientific Data and AI Cloud platform, Bayer intends to streamline the collection, centralization, and transformation of scientific data across various divisions, such as cell and gene therapy, biopharma, and crop sciences. This platform will facilitate the conversion of data into a versatile, vendor-neutral format, readily accessible for laboratory informatics, data science, and AI applications. The ultimate goal is to empower researchers to extract valuable insights, potentially expediting product development processes.

Oliver Hesse, Bayer's Vice President and Head of Biotech Data Science and Digitalization, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are excited to partner with TetraScience on our digital transformation journey and to drive innovation. By maximizing the value of our scientific data and leveraging advanced data management and data science solutions, we can unlock new insights and opportunities for breakthrough innovations."

As Bayer continues to spearhead digital innovation initiatives across its divisions, effective collaboration among laboratories, scientific groups, and informatics technologies becomes increasingly vital. Through the adoption of TetraScience's cloud-based data platform, scientists will gain seamless access to data, allowing them to establish connections with experimental contexts and effortlessly share data across teams operating in both regulated and non-regulated environments.

TetraScience, expressed pride in the partnership with Bayer, stating, "We are proud to have Bayer as a partner. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of discovery by maximizing the value of scientific data and opening the path to AI. Supporting Bayer’s relentless focus on unrestricted scientific innovation with the Tetra Scientific Data and AI Cloud will help solve some of the greatest human challenges."



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