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Avanzanite Bioscience Expands Collaboration With Advicenne to Include Additional European Nations

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Avanzanite Bioscience B.V. (referred to as "Avanzanite" or the "Company") has announced an expansion of its commercial partnership with Advicenne, a specialty pharmaceutical company based in Paris, for the distribution of Sibnayal®. This extension of the partnership grants Avanzanite exclusive rights for commercialization and distribution in three additional European countries, namely Ireland, Cyprus, and Malta.

Sibnayal® is the first approved medicinal product in Europe designed for the treatment of distal Renal Tubular Acidosis (dRTA) in both children and adults. dRTA is a rare kidney disease characterized by the kidneys' inability to effectively remove acids from the bloodstream, leading to metabolic acidosis. This condition can result in growth issues in children, brittle bones or rickets, kidney stones, and potentially life-threatening hypokalemia.

Originally announced in February 2023, the partnership initially covered Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Greece. Avanzanite's Founder and CEO, Adam Plich, emphasized, "Expanding our partnership to include these additional European countries shortly after our initial collaboration is a significant endorsement from our valued partner, Advicenne. It underscores our ability to execute flawlessly, our compelling value proposition, and, most importantly, our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge medicines to patients affected by rare diseases, even in the smallest European nations." Mr. Plich also mentioned, "Despite being in the early stages of our commercial launch, we are already making substantial progress in our existing markets."

Didier Laurens, Chief Executive Officer of Advicenne, noted, "We did not anticipate the opportunity to expand Avanzanite's role in commercializing our product across Europe so soon after our initial collaboration. Avanzanite has consistently exceeded our expectations on every predefined metric, making it a logical next step for our partnership." Mr. Laurens concluded, "Ultimately, what truly matters is the substantial improvement in the quality of life for dRTA patients, and we share this vision and dedication with Avanzanite."

Mr. Plich added, "In line with our corporate mission of introducing innovative medicines to rare disease patients in European markets where they may not have access otherwise, it was crucial for us to execute this second partnership flawlessly. While the work is never truly finished, we remain committed and are actively exploring further discussions to leverage our unique platform and create added value for all our stakeholders."



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