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Arecor and Medtronic Diabetes Collaborate on Novel Thermostable Insulin for Implantable Pump Administration

Friday, May 10, 2024

Arecor Therapeutics plc (AIM: AREC), a biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing therapies for healthier lives, has entered a research collaboration with Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT), a global leader in healthcare technology. The collaboration aims to develop a novel, high-concentration, thermostable insulin for integration into Medtronic’s Diabetes business’s next-generation implantable pump.

This innovative insulin holds promise to significantly enhance current treatment options for a subset of patients facing challenges in controlling their diabetes through traditional methods. The collaboration seeks to offer a solution that could potentially reduce the need for pump maintenance interventions, provide physicians with expanded utility, and offer cost savings in healthcare.

Arecor, emphasized their expertise in the field, citing their exceptional ultra-rapid acting clinical development programs. She expressed enthusiasm about contributing to the advancement of treatment options in diabetes, particularly through the development of a highly specialized insulin tailored to benefit a vulnerable patient group. Howell highlighted this collaboration as the first of potentially many partnerships aimed at maximizing the benefits of next-generation medical devices.

New Venture Programs at Medtronic Diabetes, underscored Medtronic's pioneering role in implantable insulin pump systems, particularly for individuals unable to tolerate conventional subcutaneous insulin therapy. He expressed satisfaction with the collaboration with Arecor, aiming to explore new avenues to develop this critical therapeutic option for individuals who may find it beneficial.

This announcement contains insider information as per the UK Market Abuse Regulation.

Please note that the product mentioned is not FDA-approved for any use and is not available for research or commercial use in the US.



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