Pharma Focus Europe Expands Its in Vivo CAR-T Immunotherapy Platform by Acquiring Vital Assets From Ixaka France

Saturday, October 21, 2023, a biotechnology company specializing in in vivo gene delivery, has recently completed the acquisition of all assets previously held by Ixaka France. Ixaka was a preclinical-stage immunotherapy biotech firm focused on in vivo CAR T-cell therapy. The objective behind this acquisition is to streamline the development, manufacturing, and administration of CAR-T cell therapies significantly.

This acquisition has propelled's programs forward by providing preclinical proof of concept for the effectiveness of in vivo engineered CAR T cells in combating tumors, as demonstrated in immunocompetent mouse models. The deal includes an extensive patent portfolio, preclinical data, and exclusive licenses for polymeric nanoparticle technology. has also gained access to a fully equipped laboratory space and state-of-the-art viral vector bioproduction facilities, positioning the company ideally for collaborations and the accelerated advancement of its in vivo gene delivery platform. Over the past nine months, has been a resident of Biolabs Paris, which played a crucial role in launching this initiative.

" will integrate its existing research with the robust proof of concept developed at Ixaka, which has showcased the platform's efficiency in transducing T-cells in vivo. These in vivo transduced T-cells express the CAR and have demonstrated their ability to combat tumors in immunocompetent mouse models, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming external manufacturing.", commented, "Through this acquisition, gains access to invaluable in vitro and in vivo preclinical data, technologies, and related intellectual property, including 12 patent families, which firmly establishes as a leader in the field of in vivo cell reprogramming and cell therapy. This strategic move signifies a pivotal moment in's evolution as a trailblazer and frontrunner in the in vivo gene delivery and CAR-T cell immunotherapy domain.", added, "The acquisition of these key assets from Ixaka significantly enhances's strategic positioning, platform capabilities, and pipeline, making it an organization with the potential to address critical challenges in the development and commercialization of autologous cell therapies. This deal comes at a crucial juncture in our growth as we explore further opportunities with potential investors and partners, underscoring the unique potential of"



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