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Accelerated Biosciences and Spanios Announce Partnership to Improve Therapeutic Approaches for Solid Tumor Cancers

Friday, May 17, 2024

Spanios, a company known for its unique 3D tumoroid platforms used to validate solid tumor therapies, has announced a new partnership with Accelerated Biosciences. Accelerated Biosciences is renowned for its commercial-grade human trophoblast stem cell (hTSC) platform, which is used in drug discovery, therapeutic development, biomanufacturing, and toxicology testing.

This partnership merges Spanios' proprietary COMPASS platforms and patient-derived tumoroid models with Accelerated Biosciences' hTSC platform to enhance the development of therapies for solid tumor cancers.

Accelerated Bio's hTSC platform serves as the foundation for this collaboration. These hTSCs are the earliest form of pluripotent stem cells, ethically sourced and highly versatile due to their plasticity and immune-privileged properties. These characteristics make them suitable for a broad range of medical and biotechnological applications, including the development of effector cells that have shown success against various cancer cells.

Spanios' proficiency in tumoroid research, combined with its ability to quickly replicate preclinical therapeutic performance in an ex vivo setting, will be instrumental in generating clinically relevant data for hTSCs. "We are encouraged by the preliminary data showing NK-like behaviors of these cells," said Vivek Ravi, CEO of Spanios. "This collaboration offers a significant opportunity for developing cell-based therapies for challenging cancers such as ovarian and colorectal, where other methods have faced difficulties."

Accelerated Bio, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are excited to work with Spanios to further the research and development of effector cells derived from hTSCs. Together, we believe we can showcase the versatility of the hTSC platform in creating next-generation precision medicine therapies."



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