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Abbott and the American Diabetes Association Partner to Create Groundbreaking Therapeutic Nutrition Program for Individuals Living With Diabetes

Monday, June 26, 2023

Abbott and the American Diabetes Association® (ADA) have announced a collaboration to enhance the understanding of diabetes technology, specifically continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems, and their impact on decision-making for individuals with diabetes in relation to their diet and physical activity.

While diet plays a crucial role in managing glucose levels, the varying glycemic responses among individuals make it challenging to prescribe a one-size-fits-all nutritional plan for diabetes management. Clinical studies have shown that maintaining steady glucose levels over time leads to improved clinical outcomes for people with diabetes. CGM systems, such as those developed by Abbott, provide personalized, real-time data on how diet and activity affect glucose levels. This data allows individuals with diabetes to identify patterns and develop personalized nutritional plans that promote stable glucose levels and potentially reduce A1C levels.

Chuck Henderson, the CEO of ADA, emphasized the importance of nutrition in diabetes management, stating that personalized nutrition using CGMs has the potential to revolutionize diabetes care by providing individuals with more data and tools to manage their glucose levels, improve their quality of life, and reduce the risk of complications. ADA expressed gratitude to Abbott for their ongoing support in improving the lives of people affected by diabetes.

Abbott will provide a $2.65 million grant to ADA over the next three years to support the collaboration. The grant will enable ADA to:

  1. Engage with leading healthcare professionals and opinion leaders to evaluate existing clinical evidence on the use of CGM systems for personalized therapeutic nutrition.

  2. Launch two pilot programs targeting adults with Type 2 diabetes to gain deeper insights into the role of CGMs in personalized therapeutic nutrition. These programs will utilize CGM data to understand how it helps individuals with diabetes achieve their objectives, such as making adjustments to their nutritional intake and dietary habits.

  3. Facilitate roundtable discussions in collaboration with renowned healthcare experts to review and evaluate the existing clinical evidence. These discussions will explore the role of therapeutic nutrition using CGM data and its potential in informing nutrition recommendations.

Robert B. Ford, the Chairman and CEO of Abbott, emphasized that Abbott's FreeStyle Libre technology can be a valuable tool for all individuals living with diabetes, not just those on insulin. Abbott is committed to working with ADA to gather further evidence demonstrating how their accessible and affordable technology can provide personalized insights to assist people in making informed decisions about their diet and physical activity.

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